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Jen Guidry Motivational Speaker
Keynote Speaker Texas
Jen Guidry Powerful Speaker

Level Up in Leadership

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Increase company profitability, performance and productivity by hiring Jen to speak at your next conference or training event.

Jen Guidry Keynote Speaker San Antonio
Jen Guidry Keynote Speaker
Motivational Speaker

Meet Jen

From 7-figure earner in the mortgage industry and best-selling Christian author to becoming the founder of a global mission called, The High Level Life, Jen’s unique brain-based approach translates into real results when coaching clients or training teams.

Jen's role as a national speaker and keynote speaker has allowed her to share her wealth of knowledge and inspire audiences on larger platforms, further establishing her as a thought leader in the industry. She has appeared on major media outlets such as CNBC, Bloomberg, and Travel Channel, bringing her insights to a broader audience.

Her work has resonated with many, leading to features in prominent publications like Authority Magazine, National Mortgage Professional Magazine, and Mortgage Professionals of America. Her story and insights have been so impactful that she graced the covers of Chief Navigators Magazine and San Antonio Monthly Magazine and others, where she was celebrated for her empowering influence in her field.

As she continues to speak, write, and coach, she remains a pivotal figure in fostering growth and leadership among professionals nationwide.

Jen Guidry Top Female Motivational Speaker
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Keynote Speaker Texas

Leadership Conferences

  • Jen's Cheat Code to Success: You don't have to choose between high success and high-level well-being. You can have both. Jen shares with the audience how it took her having cancer to figure it all out. Break the myth that you have to be available 24/7 to succeed.
  • How to Dominate as a Woman in a Male-Dominated Field. Jen shows women how to make their voice heard and how to use their innate superpowers to their advantage when working in a male-dominated field. They will also learn to balance the art of being “dude-like” and femininity at work and how the two go hand-in-hand.
  • Your Past Does Not Dictate Your Future. Too many people use their traumatic childhood as a reason for their present-day failures. Jen shows the audience how growing up with an alcoholic parent actually helped her be successful. Audience will learn how to use past trauma for good and how to turn what they learned into a superpower.
  • Learning to Use Neuroplasticity to Build New Neural Pathways Can Completely Change Your Life. Just because you were "born that way" or "grew up that way" doesn't mean you have to stay that way. Audience will learn how to overcome old habits, how to build new neural pathways to change anything about your life and become who you were meant to be.

Corporate Training Events

  • Psychology of Sales and Body Language. Teams will learn how to build relationships, level up their production, performance and profitability.
  • Myers-Briggs Leadership Training. A Myers-Briggs personality assessment-based leadership seminar can enhance team collaboration, tailor management strategies to individual needs, and improve conflict resolution, fostering a more productive and harmonious workplace.
  • Concierge Training. Need motivation? Time management techniques? Jen can craft sales training to meet your needs.

Faith-Forward Centers

  • Ready, Set...Regulate! Through her own story of surviving trauma, to regulating her nervous system so that she can live in the present moment. Jen shows the audience that true peace that God wants you to have can only come from getting rid of dysregulation.
  • Lessons from a Paint by Number. God has a plan for all of us. We just have to trust Him to see it. Jen shares her “uncurable” disease story and then shows audience how God spoke to her in a way that she could understand. Everything changes when you see the big picture.
  • How to be a Boss at Work and a Lady at Home - for Women. Let’s face it, when you are the boss at work, it is REALLY difficult not to be the boss at home. It is a quandary for every “boss babe” out there. How do you flip that switch and let the man lead?
Speaker for Women's Conference

Organizational leaders, Executives, High Achievers and Business Owners invite me to speak because my inspiring, raw, authentic and highly effective message resonates with their teams and their industry.


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Jen Guidry Women's Empowerment Speaker

Jen was invited to our business to provide insight and leadership lessons to our management team at El Chaparral. She blew the doors off showing a vulnerability to her that was uplifting, inspiring and truly heartfelt. Thank you for sharing your amazing story of grit and determination!

Carlos G.


Jen Guidry #1 Speaker


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