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Thought Leader Speaker

"It is never too late to become who you were meant to be or to do what you were meant to do."

Jen Guidry

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Innovation Speaker


"Women need to hear my message. Women, right now, are LOST and LONELY and they think they have to do everything. The lines between femininity and masculinity are blurred. I want to show them that it doesn’t matter where you have come from and what happened in your past, you can: not be a victim, can have high success at work and also lead a well-balanced and happy A+ life at home. Before the year is up, I want to be on a big stage in front of 5000+ women at a time sharing this message."

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Learn That To Achieve BOTH High-Level Success and Have High-Level Balance You Must



  • Understand that you don't HAVE to work 24/7 to be successful. You CAN have both.

  • Stop believing the lies that we've told about how people become successful.

  • Create space for what is to come.

  • Learn what true success really is and how Jen did it.

  • Live the life you have always dreamed of but never though was possible.

  • Leave good for GREAT.

  • How to have high production while leading a balanced life. Break the “myth” that in sales, you have to “always” be available to succeed. ​Jen shows her audience how cancer was the best thing that ever happened to her and shares her cheat code for success.​​

  • How to dominate as a woman in a male-dominated field.

Audience (women) will learn about their innate superpowers and how to use them to their advantage when working in a male-dominated field. They will also learn to balance the art of being “dude-like” and femininity at work and how the two go hand-in-hand.

How to make your voice heard in the workplace.

  • How to combat imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs.

  • How your past doesn’t have to dictate your future. Show them how my father being an alcoholic actually helped me be successful. How to create their own superpower from their past trauma.

  • How the use of neuroplasticity and learning to build new neural pathways can completely change your life.

  • Leading with Authenticity (one of our innate superpowers) and the difference it can make in your career when you don’t follow typical male leadership styles.

  • How to be a Boss at Work and a Lady at Home

​Working through the quandary that many women have (because we did it to ourselves) where they believe that they must come home and be the boss at home. Jen gives them tips and benefits of “turning off that boss switch” when they get home.

Show audience that us women DON’T have to do it all, even though we could. Jen explains how taking back our femininity and going back to more “old fashion” values will lead to a happier and more balanced home life.



Jen was amazing!  I loved her presentation and exceeded our expectations!  Her story was so very impactful and touched every team member in a different way.  Several approached me after to thank us for including Jen in the conference. I have attended many presentations, and this one was the best yet!  We will be doing follow up sessions on the exercise we did in the upcoming weeks. Some team members have discussed creating a healthy challenge at work and even an early riser group.  Team was extremely engaged!   You could have heard a pin drop and the energy was magnificent! 

Adriana, Gentiva Hospice

"What a Gem"

I can't thank you enough for making our event so special! Here is our review and we pray many blessing over your future endeavors. 

I so appreciated you sharing your story and being vulnerable with our audience. You are such a gracious, thoughtful, servant leader, and our audience connected with that authenticity. I love how you intentionally went out of your way to make everything extra special for our event as well. What a gem. 

 I also loved that we were able to tie in the paint by number and how the Lord brought that together to make a special moment. 

It’s an honor to be collaborating on supporting survivors with you. And we look forward to working with you in the future for special projects as well. 

 Lisa, CEO Untethered Ministries

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